AI based ad replacement software.

Adflexy is an AI based ad replacement software for live streaming of events, which offers the best quality for the viewer due to its efficient and superior approach in AI based software development.

Adaptable ad replacement for any region and format
AI based deep learning with cutting edge algorithms
Real-time-technology, no delay for viewers due to the software
Great potential to increase marketing revenue
Lower operational costs
No additional hardware needed
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In the past different solutions have been developed to cover the demand of ad replacement in live broadcasting. Traditional technical solutions are complicated to handle and have a limit when it comes to the amount of possible replacements.

With our deep learning technology we can overcome these limits. Cutting edge algorithms ensure the perfect detection of the ad space, as well as the motion of everything in front of it to allow for a fantastic result for the viewers.

Defining broadcasting areas and content prior to the event with the Adflexy Interface.
The software automatically operates completely autonomously during the live event.
The App allows the user to access all insights and reports in retrospective.

Our team of experts in computer engineering and specifically programming of artificial intelligence solutions is dedicated to deliver products of highest quality.

Daniel Sangster


Volker Mosert

Leading Neural Network Architect

Anastasiia Torokhtii

Business Strategy & Development - CEE

Dr. Philipp Sperling

Leading Machine Learning Specialist

Dr. Stefan Zopf


Dr. Richard Bredow

Project Manager

Kumari Anshu

Business Strategy & Development - APAC


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